Brooke County School-Based Health Center Now Open!

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Brooke County School-Based Health Center Now Open!

CHANGE, Inc. Opens New School-Based Health Center In Brooke County

CHANGE, Inc’s Family Medical Care division expanded its services to Brooke County by opening the brand new Brooke County School-Based Health Center located inside Brooke High School.

School-based health centers provide medical, behavioral, dental, and/or vision care in a doctor’s office-like setting. Students can be treated for acute illnesses or injuries and screened for dental, vision and hearing problems.

In West Virginia, currently 161 school-based health centers are in operation with nearly 3,000 across the United States according to the School-Based Health Alliance 2016-2017 survey.

“The Brooke County School-Based Health Center opened June 1, 2018 within the Brooke High School campus”, stated Judy Raveaux, CEO at CHANGE, Inc. “By having a convenient location within the school, we can provide healthcare to students who may not otherwise have access to it outside of school hours. Many thanks go out to the Brooke County Board of Education, Superintendent Shute, vocational students and their teachers, Principal Pannett and Rob Robison, Facilities Supervisor.  Our partnership enables us to provide primary care, behavioral health, dental, and vision screenings.”

Parents choosing to utilize this service for their child must complete an enrollment packet and return to the school-based health center or school office.

If you have questions or want to make an appointment at the Brooke County School-Based  Health Center, please call 304-527-7461.